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6 Tools Every Gardener Should Own

garden toolsWhat better way to get in touch with nature than through gardening. Whether you are an experienced gardener, hobbyist or just someone who likes to get your hands dirty, here are the six most important tools for you to have. 

  1. Trowel

This is the tool that will see the most use in any size of garden. Use it to transplant vegetables that you’ve grown from seeds into your garden soil. It’s just the right size for potting flowers, removing larger weeds and digging around corners.

  1. Shovel

When you need to dig bigger and deeper holes, reach for the trowel’s big brother. You need a sturdy shovel for jobs such as planting shrubs and trees.

  1. Hoe 

Save your knees! Cut through bigger weed patches with a long-handled hoe that you can use to move soil around, too. Make sure to get one that can stand up to repeated chopping. For veggie gardens, opt for a wider blade. For a flower garden, you need an easier touch, so try one with a thinner blade.

  1. Fork

Use a garden fork to help break up roots and soil clumps. It’s also handy to move rocks out of the way and for turning compost.

  1. Soil rake

A good metal rake will help keep your garden tidy when you use it to remove large areas of leaves and weeds that you’ve just pulled. Flip a rake over and use it to move gravel and even out soil.

  1. Pruners

Use handheld pruners for a variety of needs, from cutting roses to trimming shrubs and even small tree limbs. They’re very portable and fit right in your back pocket.

Invest in strong, durable tools, preferably those made of stainless steel. Clean them when they need it and store them away properly to protect blades from dulling. Take care of them and they will be usable for a long, long time.