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3 Tips for Designing the Perfect Garden

Gardener working in gardenFew things in life are more fulfilling than growing your own garden, but it can be an intimidating process to get started. If you have no idea how to create the ideal home garden, give these three easy tips a try. Before long, your efforts will be rewarded with a beautiful, productive garden that will become the envy of your neighborhood.

Research Your Climate

Before you begin selecting plants for your garden, you should first research your climate and find out what plants grow well in your area. Depending on how cold or hot your climate gets, some plants may be well suited for it while others will not be able to survive the growing conditions. The easiest way to find plants that grow well in your area is to purchase from your local greenhouse. However, if you do choose to purchase online, check the hardiness rating of each plant you buy to ensure that it is compatible with your climate.

Plot Out the Details 

It can be tempting to visit your local greenhouse and go crazy buying all of the flowers, trees, shrubs and garden plants that you like. However, doing so can be a recipe for disaster, especially if you have limited space. It’s ok to visit a greenhouse and jot down the details of the plants you like, but don’t purchase anything until you have analyzed your property and plotted out where you want plants to be placed. Keep in mind that shade-loving plants need shady areas to grow, while sun-loving plants should be placed in the sunniest parts of your property.

Go for Year-Round Color

The most impressive gardens are those that showcase beautiful colors all year round. When planning your garden, make sure you purchase plants that bloom at different times of the year, then disperse them throughout your garden. Doing this will give your garden eye-catching color during all seasons.

If you have always thought the ideal garden is too hard to achieve, think again. With just a little forethought and effort, you can create the perfect garden for your property.