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City Gardening for Beginners

Roof TerraceLiving in the country vs. city, you can easily find a home with enough yard to grow your favorite veggies. It’s not so easy when you live in the city, however, where space is not easily found. There is still one option for city-dwellers who long for tomatoes fresh from the vine. Start a container garden in the biggest area available to you, the roof.

Benefits of Gardening

Roof gardens offer many benefits, besides the availability of fresh veggies. Since you control every step in the cultivation process, you can ensure your plants are truly organic. You can save on groceries during the growing season and perhaps best of all, you can enjoy “getting back to nature” in a small way.

Choosing Plants

Choose plants such as corn, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, which will help you save room; use a trellis to support their upward growth if needed. Herbs, lettuce, beets and radishes can all be grown in window boxes or small pots. Don’t plant too early; frost will kill tender young plants.

Soil and Fertilizers

If you have a source of soil in your area, you can improve it with fertilizer. Otherwise, garden soil is readily available and inexpensive. While you’re at the garden store, ask for advice on amending your soil.

Compost makes a great fertilizer and it doesn’t cost anything. Use banana peels, egg shells, apple cores and more to start your own compost pile and mix it in with the soil you use for planting.

Pest Control

For pest control without pesticides, look for organic fertilizers or make your own by combining nettles with compost in a bucket with water and let them soak into a mulch, then apply to plants.

Container gardening in the city is a great way for you to enjoy fresh produce gained through your own efforts. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, you can start there, knowing that you won’t have to share those with your neighbors.