How to Sharpen Your Garden Tools with a Dremel

Polishing MetalHave you ever tried to cut steak with a dull knife? You have to keep sawing away and pushing down pretty hard to get through it. Your fingers might smart a little by the time you’re done eating. It’s kind of like that with gardening tools, too. You can keep sawing or chopping away at that bush until your arms are sore, or you can make it a little easier by sharpening your hedge clippers or pruning shears first.

Small and Powerful

One of the best sharpening tools for this type of work is a handheld Dremel, a rotary tool that comes with several different attachments. It makes sharpening tools an easy enough task to tackle at home. It also gives you the ability to sharpen the edges of smaller tools, such as pruning shears, without taking them apart.

Safety First

First make sure you have safety goggles or glasses on to protect your eyes, as you would with any grinding tool. Put the tool that you want to sharpen either in a vise or secure it to a workbench. Select a grinding stone (there are several types that usually come with the tool itself). If you don’t have one, pick one up at your area hardware store. Slide the stone into the front, or shaft, of the drill and tighten.

Don’t Overdo It

Turn the power on and grind at a low setting to prevent overheating. Lower the drill against the edge of the tool and gently move it along the edge and back until you’re satisfied with the sharpness. A lighter touch is needed for this task; don’t apply too much pressure.

It’s no question that sharper tools will help you make quick work of many gardening tasks, including pruning roses, trimming shrubs and even digging holes. The best part? You won’t have to wait for―or pay for―someone else to do it

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